Chambre d'hôte à HONFLEUR


Self catering rooms with view

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Right in the center of Honfleur,

Logis Hamelin rents two Bed and Breakfast rooms of charm bathed in sunlight

View on fish harbour, la Lieutenance on your right

Draw the curtains open.
Your room is bathed in sunlight. The view on the fishing harbour of Honfleur is unique. Fishermen are unloading their boats. The catch was good: soles, turbots...

You are in the heart of Honfleur, in a house strategically built in the seamen’s quarter. City of the impressionists painters.

The house, built in 1770, was later on embellished in the elegant Directoire fashion. You are staying in one of its clear and stylish bedrooms.

Think of the famous painters who lived here (André Hambourg for example).
Think of the great explorers who left for the Seven Seas from the Lieutenance, the building just in front of you.

Remember of Samuel de Champlain, who left from Honfleur to go and found Quebec in 1608.

Unique in Honfleur

 Adress: 1, rue Haute 14600 HONFLEUR   Tel: 02 31 98 83 33   Contact e-mail

...bathed in sunlight general plan of Honfleur
 * breakfast is not served at present time
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